Who We Are

Florence Simms

EFLA-FLAM President

Born and raised in France, I was lucky enough to meet my husband on the streets of Paris! 14 years and 2 boys later, I am happily living in Southern California and working as a marketing executive. While I have welcomed the American way of life and its culture, I have never let go of my French heritage.

Creating EFLA-FLAM came from a true desire to share this heritage within the Long Beach community. At EFLA-FLAM, your children will not only learn the French language, but also its culture and traditions in a fun and interactive way.

My vision is to create a small community where parents who share an interest in the French language and culture can transmit this interest to their children through the EFLA-FLAM classes and activities. This program is designed to provide structured and quality, yet affordable French lessons to our community. Children will learn while having fun and parents will be kept abreast of their progress all along the way. We are all volunteers at EFLA-FLAM. So come and join the group and help us develop extra-curricular activities to celebrate French culture.

Vanessa Peltier

Director – South Pasadena Chapter

Vanessa Peltier

In 2011, I met Florence Simms through our common goal of teaching our French speaking children to read and write.  I helped create the 501c3 corporation which has been benefiting children in Long Beach for the past 3 years.

Currently, I am living in Pasadena and found a great need here for a FLAM and so created the South Pasadena chapter with Marc Trotoux and Loic Rocca.  Through FLAM we have created high quality French education for Francophones in the area for an affordable price.

While I was born and raised in the United States, I spent many years of my young adult life in Spain and in Paris.  This experience imbued in me a great respect for other cultures and a desire to pass that appreciation on to my own children.